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void MTP::Album::AddTrackToRawAlbum ( Track in_track  ) 

Adds the passed track as a subtrack to the raw album of this object only The caller must ensure that the album is then updated on the device The reason this is split phase is so that we can update the device before we update the view

in_track the track to add as a subtrack to this folder

Definition at line 467 of file MtpObject.cpp.

Referenced by MtpDevice::AddTrackToAlbum().

  count_t trackCount = _rawAlbum->no_tracks;
  count_t* tracks = new count_t[trackCount+1];
  for (count_t i =0; i < trackCount; i++)
    tracks[i] = _rawAlbum->tracks[i];

  tracks[trackCount] = in_track->ID();
  _rawAlbum->no_tracks = trackCount +1;
  //LIBMTP does this automatically for us..
  //delete [] _rawAlbum->tracks;
  _rawAlbum->tracks = tracks;

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