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MTP::Track Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for MTP::Track:

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Detailed Description

class that wraps around LIBMTP_track_t

Definition at line 130 of file MtpObject.h.

Public Member Functions

const char *const AlbumName () const
const char *const ArtistName () const
void Associate (GenericFileObject *)
GenericFileObject * Association () const
const char *const FileName () const
const char *const Genre () const
count_t GetRowIndex () const
count_t ID () const
virtual const char *const Name () const
AlbumParentAlbum () const
count_t ParentFolderID () const
PlaylistParentPlaylist () const
LIBMTP_track_t *const RawTrack () const
void SetID (count_t)
void SetParentAlbum (Album *)
void SetParentPlaylist (Playlist *)
void SetRowIndex (count_t)
 Track (LIBMTP_track_t *)
MtpObjectType Type () const

Private Attributes

LIBMTP_track_t * _rawTrack
count_t _rowIndex
LIBMTP_filesampledata_t _sampleData

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