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bool MtpDevice::NewAlbum ( MTP::Track in_track,
int  in_storageID,
MTP::Album **  out_album 

This function creates a new album on the device, using the information from the track that is passed as a param. This function assumes that this album's name is unique on the device. The new album will be added to the album's list, be sure to notify any models before hand

in_track the track that is used as a template for the album's name, artist, and genre fields.
in_storageID the storage id to create the album on
out_album the newly allocated MTP::Album, if the operation fails this value is NULL
true if successfull false otherwise

Definition at line 824 of file MtpDevice.cpp.

References MTP::Track::AlbumName(), MTP::Track::ArtistName(), MTP::Track::Genre(), processErrorStack(), and UpdateSpaceInformation().

  LIBMTP_album_t* newAlbum = LIBMTP_new_album_t();
  newAlbum->name = strdup(in_track->AlbumName());
  newAlbum->artist = strdup(in_track->ArtistName());
  newAlbum->genre = strdup(in_track->Genre());
  newAlbum->tracks  = NULL;
  newAlbum->parent_id = 0;
  newAlbum->storage_id = in_storageID;

  cerr << "Created new album with name: " << newAlbum->name << endl;
  cerr << "Created new album with artist: " << newAlbum->artist << endl;
  cerr << "Created new album with genre: " << newAlbum->genre << endl;
//  *(newAlbum->tracks) = in_track->ID();
//  cout << "Set the album's first track to: " << *(newAlbum->tracks) << endl;
  newAlbum->no_tracks = 0;
  newAlbum->next = NULL;
  int ret =  LIBMTP_Create_New_Album(_device, newAlbum);
  if (ret != 0)
    (*out_album) = NULL;
    return false;
  LIBMTP_filesampledata_t sample;
  sample.size = 0;
  sample.data = NULL;
  (*out_album) = new MTP::Album(newAlbum, sample);
  return true;

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